Lubrication Equipment

Stroupe Industrial is proud to
Distribute Graco Lubrication Equipment. . .
The right choice when quality counts. . .
The Lubrication Professionals
Graco offers a complete line of lubrication equipment to meet the needs of vehicle and fleet service providers. In addition to an unsurpassed reputation for equipment reliability and longevity, we back all our products with the industry's strongest warranty program. These extended warranties reflect Graco's high degree of confidence in the quality and consistency of our products.
About The Company
Graco's tradition of building quality and reliability into products began when Russell and Leil Gray founded the company in 1926. Founded as a family-owned operation, Graco became a public company in 1969 and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as ticker symbol: GGG. In 1994, Graco Inc. was ISO9000 certified company wide and held over $218 million in owned or managed assets. Every year Graco spends millions of dollars in research to continue to offer the most efficient and innovative pumps, reels and lubrication accessories.
Fire-Ball Lubrication Pump

Non-metalic Poppet
- Positive sealing with "dirty" air for maximum performance
- Low-cost replacement; unlimited rebuilding life

Piston seal
- Precision machined to match cylinder walls for maximum life and delivery efficiency
Aluminum Construction
- Corrosion resistance
- Reduced weight
Adjustable Throat Packings
- Simple preventive maintenance
- Best and quickest way to minimize leakage
Rugged Industrial Design
- 30 Year warranty
Ball Check
- Positive stroke change-over control for smooth flow
Valve-in-Piston Design
- only for moving parts. No overhead linkage
- Significant maintenance reduction
Balance Differential Performance
- Uniform delivery on both up and down stroke
- Less surging reduces spatter, mess and loosened plumbing
Open exhaust Port
- Continuous operation without icing

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